No time for writing down customer phone numbers while taking orders at your peak times? Don’t worry. Install Caller ID on your restaurant mobile phone and let it do it for you.

Records and attaches the caller’s number to the order being taken in the POS and links it to the address provided. 

Mobile application


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instant number transfer

Our Caller ID communicates with the rest of the OrderLord system and will prefill the phone number the call is coming from into the DMS and POS as well.

No need for you to manually type it in and ask the customer to please repeat it a few times. Reduce frustration and let our Caller ID help you.

data pairing

If the customer called your restaurant in the past, their data would be stored in the system.

When they call again, the Caller ID will recognize the number and pair it up with their previous orders.

With our Caller ID, completing an order is a matter of a few clicks.

Timeline tracking

Are you simply too busy to take every phone call? Do you feel you are losing orders and happy customers? Put an end to it with the Caller ID application.

Go to the Timeline section to see which phone calls have been received or missed.

Calling your customer back after finding their missed call is a great way to demonstrate good customer service.


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