Free extension modules for the KDS application. Their usage is very similar. They differ in the use case only.

Pick & Pack is used to distribute retail warehouse items; the operator selects an item from storage, scans the barcode, packs it, and dispatches it.

Prep & Pack finds its place in the busy kitchens –  get that can of Coke from the storage while the food is being cooked.

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PIck & pack

This module is tailored to suit a busy warehouse distribution. 

  • The warehouse operative picks the goods from the storage.
  • Examines the goods and reports possible damages
  • Scans the items to mark them as picked
  • Packs the order, scans the label, and sends it on its way…

prep & pack

An additional KDS module to assist in a busy kitchen.

  • Saves your valuable time spent on the order preparation.
  • While the food is being prepared in the kitchen, your Prep & Pack operative can fetch the non-cookable items from the storage.


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